Rhone Ma Holdings Group of companies, along with our key principals and strategic alliances play an important role in providing Total Solution to our customers via comprehensive range of products and high-quality services. 

>   More than 300 products from reputable multinational companies

>   In-house manufactured products from our Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified plant by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

>   The range of livestock and companion animal products inclusive of:

~   Vaccines (e.g. avian, swine, feline, canine and equine vaccines)

~   Pharmaceuticals (antimicrobials, anticoccidials, health supplement, disinfectants and etc)

~   Feed additives (anticoccidials, antimicrobials, antifungal, premixes, mold inhibitor, mycotoxin binders, nutritional & health supplements)