>   Offer more than 300 products from reputable multinational companies such as Merial, Special Nutrients Inc., Premex Inc., Joosten Products, Multifeed International, DPI Global, Animal Science Products, K.M.P. Biotech Co., Ltd., Vetri-Science Laboratories, VetAll Laboratories, Chanelle Veterinary, Destron Fearing and etc.

>   In-house manufactured products from our Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified plant by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

>   All range of livestock and companion animal products inclusive of:

~   Vaccines (e.g. avian, swine, feline, canine and equine vaccines)

~   Pharmaceuticals (antimicrobials, anticoccidials, health supplement, non-antimicrobials,  disinfectants and etc)

~   Feed additives (mycotoxin binders, antimicrobials, antifungal, premixes, mold inhibitor, nutritional supplement, anticoccidials, supplement for gut health and performance growth enhancement, anthelmintic and etc)