Our marketing and sales services are supported by our certified veterinarians and sales personnel who cover each territory in Malaysia.

>   Provide product information and market trend to customers.

>   Coordinate technical services required by customers.

>   Ensure completion of customer sales order (e.g. from order processing, ensure timely delivery to correct product usage).

>   Feedback on customer satisfaction via weekly field visit report and customer survey.

>  Organize educational seminars, technical forums, conferences and roadshows.

>  Invite foreign technical experts for seminars and training.

>  Promotion campaigns to create customer awareness.

>  Participate in exhibitions (e.g. Livestock Asia, Pet World).

>  Provide product and technical updates via advertisements, internet and social media, magazines, brochures and newsletters.

>   Routine farm visits, flock/herd health monitoring.

>   Conduct in-house training.

>   Disease monitoring, investigation and control.

>   Improve livestock production performance and disease prevention.

>   Provide technical solutions and professional recommendations.

>   Collaboration with Department Veterinary Services with our accredited veterinarians:
~   National Beta-agonist screening programme
~   GAHP (Good Animal Health Practice)
~   Foot and Mouth Disease Eradication Campaign (Penang)


Established on October 2018, the function and responsibilities of VDAC includes;

> Providing devices for vaccination, equipment and replacement parts for livestock farms and feed-mills.

Conduct periodic maintenance services, repair and replacement parts to ensure the optimal function of the devices.

Skills enhancement and knowledge sharing via training and seminars.

> Routine monitoring and audits to ensure vaccines are delivered efficiently and effectively.

> Constant Research and Development  to improve the device functionality and durability.