About Rhone Ma Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Rhone Ma Malaysia Sdn Bhd was established in September 2000. The company is mainly involved in the provision of animal health products and veterinary advisory services.

The company places emphasis on its management systems and has been accredited with the international standards of quality and occupational health and safety i.e. ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

In addition, the company has a Good Manufacturing Practices–compliant (GMP) plant for the manufacturing of animal health products that are marketed under its own brand names.

Our Vision
To be an innovative leader in the provision of services, products and solutions to animal health.

Our Mission
Providing customers with quality products and services through a dedicated qualified organization committed to continuous improvement.

Quality Policy
Total involvement of personnel to continually comply with the statutory and regulatory requirements of biologicals and pharmaceuticals in the animal health industry.

To continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System in line with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy
A safe and healthy working environment for all employees and other persons in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994, legal and other requirements; and

To continually improve the effectiveness of the documented Occupational Health and Safety Management System, its performance, implementation, maintenance, periodic review of objectives and its relevance to the organization, in line with the requirements of OHSAS 18001:2007 which includes:

► Appropriateness to the nature and scale of our OHS risks

► Commitment to the prevention of injury and ill health

► Commitment to prevention of pollution in relation to environmental aspects

► Commitment to at least comply with applicable legal requirements and with other requirements to which the organization subscribed that relates to OHS hazards

► Communication to all persons working under the control of the organization including contractors, vendors and visitors

► Availability of the policy to interested parties

Attentive to the needs of the customer to meet their expectations.

Respecting people
Prioritising communication,  trust and needs of persons who are affected by our activities.

Mutual trust to give our best in the way we act.

An environment that promotes creativity and breakthroughs in customer services.

The authority given to perform functions given the knowledge, skills and competence.

Working together to achieve objectives in our daily work.

Objectives and priorities prevails as a company culture.