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Rhone Ma Malaysia Sdn Bhd was established in September 2000. The company is mainly involved in the provision of animal health products and veterinary advisory services.

The company places emphasis on its management systems and has been accredited with the international standards of quality and occupational health and safety i.e. ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

In addition, the company has a Good Manufacturing Practices – compliant (GMP) plant for the manufacturing of animal health products with our own brand names.


Our Vision

To be an innovative leader in the provision of  services, products and solutions to animal health.


Our Mission

Providing customers with quality products and services through a dedicated qualified organization committed to continuous improvement.

Quality Policy

Total involvement of personnel to continually comply with the statutory and regulatory requirements of biologicals and pharmaceuticals in the animal health industry.

To continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System in line with the requirements of MS ISO 9001:2008.


Occupational Health and Safety Policy

A safe and healthy working environment for all employees and other persons in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994, legal and other requirements; and

To continually improve the effectiveness of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System,  an integral part of our business, in line with requirements of OHSAS ISO 18001:2007.


Sensitive to the needs of the customer to meet their expectations.

Respecting people

Prioritising communication,  trust and needs of persons who are affected by our activities.


Mutual trust to give our best in the way we act.


An environment that promotes creativity and breakthroughs in customer services.


The authority given to perform functions given the knowledge, skills and competence.


Working together to achieve objectives in our daily work.


Objectives and priorities prevails as a company culture.




  • 2000 12000

    Rhone Ma Malaysia Sdn Bhd established in September 2000

  • 2001 12001

    Establishment of Vet Food Agro Diagnostics (M) Sdn Bhd

  • 2002 12002

    Rhone Ma Malaysia received ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate.

  • 2003 12003

    Rhone Ma Malaysia received OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificate.

  • Asia-Pacific Special Nutrients2005

    Establishment of Asia-Pacific Special Nutrients Sdn Bhd as R&D entity

  • Bionexus2007

    APSN was awarded the BioNexus Status from Malaysia Biotechnology Corporation.

  • standard malaysia2007

    Vet Food Agro Diagnostics (M) Sdn Bhd accredited ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory Quality Management System.

  • Link Ingredients2007

    Set up of a new entity Link Ingredients Sdn Bhd to supply food ingredients to the food industry.

  • Total Solution Provider2009

    Launch of “Total Solution Provider”

  • Excellent Leadership at 8th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellent Award2009

    Rhone Ma Malaysia won the Excellent Leadership at 8th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellent Award.

  • 10th Anniversary2010

    Celebration of 10th Anniversary of Rhone Ma Malaysia

  • Malaysia Livestock Industry Award2011

    Rhone Ma Malaysia won the Industry Achievement Award at the Malaysian Livestock Industry Awards 2011.

  • golden bull award2012

    Rhone Ma's GMP - compliant plant received official certificate from National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB). Rhone Ma Malaysia was one of the winner of the top 10 outstanding SMEs at the Golden Bull Award 2012

  • SME 100 Fast Moving Companies Award 20132013

    APSN was awarded the certificate of achievement under SME 100 Fast Moving Companies Award 2013

  • 2015 12015

    Rhone Ma Malaysia was awarded the 8th MALAYSIAN LIVESTOCK INDUSTRY AWARD 2015 - Outstanding Animal Health Provider

  • 2015 12015

    Rhone Ma Malaysia was awarded the Sin Chew Award 2015 - Product and Service Excellent Award

  • 2015 22015

    Celebration of 15th Anniversary of Rhone Ma Malaysia




Total Solution Provider


In 2009, Rhone Ma launched the Total Solution ProviderTM (TSP) programme, a registered trademark, to further enhance its services to the animal health industry. Total Solution Provider is an initiative taken by the company and its commitment to provide a holistic approach to customers’ needs by combining the products and advisory services which is supported by the research and development and diagnostic capabilities of its related companies.

Veterinary advisory services

As part of the Total Solution Provider program, Rhone Ma provides for the Livestock Industry technical consultation in disease investigation, flock and herd health monitoring, nutritional consultation and vaccination programme which include the provision of hatchery & field vaccination equipments, routine vaccination audit and  equipment maintenance.

Seminars and in-house trainings on disease control and prevention, vaccines and vaccinations, good animal husbandry management system and any technical related subjects are readily available upon request. We also provide professional advice on SKIM AKREDITASI LADANG TERNAKAN (SALT) for salmonella control; HACCP planning, implementation and audit services and nationwide beta agonist screening campaign in swine farms.

In the field of companion animal, Rhone Ma’s commitment to its services and solutions provides advice on the usage of medication, supplements, vaccine and diagnostic equipments; latest treatment regime and preventive measures as well as current and updated local regulatory  requirements for veterinarians. Customers are constantly updated on pet care through Rhone Ma’s newsletter, website, media, online and in their seminars, trainings, events and  road-shows.

Laboratory diagnostic services and research & development

With a wide range of diagnostic testing methods, advanced laboratory equipments and facilities, Rhone Ma is able to provide laboratory diagnostic services through our sister company, Vet Food Agro Diagnostics (M) Sdn Bhd,  an ISO 17025 accredited veterinary laboratory, while Asia-Pacific Special Nutrients Sdn Bhd, a Bionexus status company involves in research and development of various animal health products and  diagnostic kits for animal health, food safety and agriculture.

Broad range of products

In terms of Products, we provide over 300 animal health products and equipments used by veterinarians for  producers of farm animals, like poultry, swine & ruminants and also companion animals care like cats & dogs. These products include vaccines, pharmaceuticals and feed additives which consist of antibiotic, anti fungal, anti coccidials, nutritional supplement, mycotoxin binders and disinfectants.

The products are sourced mainly from renowned animal health product manufacturers such as Merial, one of the world’s leading international animal health product manufacturer. Other key suppliers include Coophavet, Special Nutrients, Premex, Joosten, Multifeed International, Berg & Schmidt, Adisseo, DPI Global, Vetri, Science, Pet Naturals and our very own GMP – compliant plant producing our signature products.

Please click on PRODUCTS for the details.

Our Vaccination services group includes vaccination equipment, training and in the field support, to ensure that the best vaccines perform even better for you. The vaccination equipments are as follow:

  • Its patented ‘Twin Touch’ plate delivers max accuracy in vaccinating DOC.
  • Also reducing stress on both, the chick and the operator.
  • Its design is more for efficient cleaning, to reduce contamination.
  • Disposable syringes, tubing and needles also make clean-up faster and more effectives
AccuVac TwinShot
  • The patented AccuVac TwinShot allows the operator to vaccinate two vaccines/ products simultaneously. The specially designed TwinShot needle holder has the capacity to hold two different size needles at a time. It offers the operator all the great features of the Accuvac.
  • Needleless injector ensures highest levels of safety and performance when administering inactivated.
  • Vaccines to birds more than 1 kg of body weight.
  • Allows vaccination of up to 3,000 birds per hour.
  • The unit’s battery pack can be carried by a convenient shoulder strap or mounted on a belt.
  • Backpack, hand-operated sprayer that is perfect for application in the field
  • Nozzles can be changed to deliver the appropriate droplet size
  • The Layer Spray Pack is a backpack sprayer that is equipped with a hand-held spray mast. This unique design allows the operator more freedom when vaccinating layers. It has three screw-on sections that can be easily adjusted to accommodate up to 6-tiers of layers. The Layer Sprayer Pack offers the same great features of Field Spra-Vac except for a continuous spray volume.
  • The Layer Sprayer Cart is designed to make the vaccination of poultry in cages accurate and easy. The adjustable spray nozzles that are mounted to a folding vertical spray mast allow the cart to maneuver quickly and easily around the tightest of layer houses. The operator can spray layers up to 6 tiers high while vaccinating two rows at a time or they can simply close one of the flows and vaccinate only one row. The 50 liter tank, electric pump, and pressure regulator ensure the Layer Sprayer Cart delivers superior vaccine administration every time.
  • OF LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN, the Merial Automatic Syringe Injection System is a Safe and Accurate method of intramuscular (IM) and subcutaneous (SQ) vaccination for poultry. The dosage of the injector is adjustable from 0.1ml to 0.3 ml which allows it to be used as early as one day-of-age.
  • The MIT IIP offers the same great features of AviJet as a needleless vaccination injection system was designed using pneumatic technology developed Medical International Technology, Canada. This needleless injector ensures the highest levels of safety and performance when administering inactivated or live vaccines to birds more than five.
  • A variable syringe designed for administering both inactivated and live vaccine.
  • A variable syringe designed for administering both inactivated and live vaccine.
  • Hand held, battery operated, air assisted sprayer, ensures convenient vaccination.
  • Allows a single operator to spray vaccinate an entire house of birds quickly and easily.
  • The Soccorec Twin Barrel is designed to administer two different vaccines or products at a time at the same or different dosage to reduce stress to poultry due to handling.
  • 1st coarse spray applicator designed for mass hatchery vaccination of DOC against ND,IB.
  • Particle size at 150 micron.
  • Permits simultaneous vaccination of 100 DOC, allowing rates of 40,000 -60,000 birds per hour.
  • Can be adapted to most automated chick- handling equipment in the hatchery.
  • Hand held, battery operated, air assisted sprayer.
  • Provide narrow range of spray particles, for more uniform vaccination (70-100 micron)
  • Has been designed for improved cleaning and reliability, to maintain optimum performance and reduce maintenance time.
  • The Zootec is a pneumatic machine that ensures automatic vaccination of Day 0 Chicks subcutaneously in the neck .It provides for accurate positioning of each chick for subcutaneous injection.The Zootec accepts any type of vaccine (water-based and oil-based), as well as vitamins and antibiotics. Both water-based vaccine and oil-based vaccine can be applied at the same time with 1 shot. Injection volumes can vary from 0.1 ml to 0.2 ml by changing injection syringe. The machine can be operated by only one operator who will acquire a work rate between 2,000 to 3,000 chicks per hour after a short period training . The machine requires external supply of compressed air with a pressure comprised between 3 bars to 5 bars.

Vet Food Agro Diagnostics (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Vet Food Agro Diagnostics (M) Sdn Bhd (VFAD) was set up in 2001 to complement the certification of veterinary health and animal production units in compliance with Good Animal Husbandry Practice (GAHP) and veterinary testing. The laboratory was accredited in 2007 in accordance with recognized International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 under SAMM (Laboratory Accreditation Scheme of Malaysia).

Our SAMM accredited tests are also accepted and recognized internationally through the ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement) signatories. Worldwide recognition of our SAMM test results will facilitate international trade by reducing technical barriers such as the retesting of products upon entry to importing countries.

  • Continuous Improvement
    Since its inception, the laboratory management has introduced and is in the process of introducing more tests and services. This core competency is to respond to the needs of the market which has now expanded to the food and agriculture sectors.
  • Service to Customers
    We are committed in providing reliable test results and a short turnaround time to meet the needs of our customers. Results are available in hard copy and by accessing our secure VETLAB® Reporting System (VRS Online System). Confidentiality of test results is an important feature of our services.
  • Quality Policy
    Provision of efficient and quality services in laboratory testing through our organization committed to continual improvement in meeting the needs of customers.


Why choose VFAD?

•    Rapid test results available online via VETLAB® Reporting System (VRS Online System)

•    Advanced state-of-the-art veterinary testing laboratory

•    Comprehensive range of veterinary tests

•    SAMM and  ILAC-MRA accredited private veterinary lab

•    Veterinary tests recognized by Department of Veterinary Services

•    SAMM accredited food analysis tests recognized by Ministry of Health Malaysia

•    Competent and trained laboratory personnel

•    Quality of test analysis results assured by annual participation in International Ring Trials and Proficiency Testing Programmes.

•    Veterinarians available to interpret test results and provide consultation services

Below is the latest list of tests provided by laboratory.

List of Tests Year 2015

For more information, please visit www.vfad.com.my

GMP Pharma Manufacturing Plant GMP Pharma Manufacturing Plant GMP Pharma Manufacturing Plant GMP Pharma Manufacturing Plant

Established in 2009, our Good Manufacturing Practice – compliant (GMP)  facility has been set up in accordance with the government’s vision of a regularized veterinary industry, with the objective to excel in the animal health industry by providing affordable veterinary products for the ever challenging and dynamic livestock industry.

Inspected & approved by the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB) or Biro Pengawalan Farmaseutikal Kebangsaan ( BPFK) in year 2012,  our manufacturing facility complies to the stringent  GMP requirement which is observed by all human pharmaceutical production facilities.  Striving for quality assurance, MS ISO 9001: 2008 management systems has been integrated into its operation while providing a safe and healthy workplace in compliance to Occupational Health and Safety Management System, OHSAS 18001: 2007

Our GMP facility is equipped with machineries of various capacities, providing versatility in processing capabilities catered for powder and liquid veterinary products. Temperature sensitive products are stored in secured cold rooms.

 Features of Rhone Ma GMP compliant facility:

• Good Manufacturing Practice – compliant

• MS ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System

• OHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

• Versatile production capabilities & capacity

• Low temperature cold room storage & cold chain delivery

Asia-Pacific Special Nutrients (APSN)

Asia-Pacific Special Nutrients Sdn Bhd (APSN) is a Research and Development (R&D) biotechnology company dedicated to the advance of scientific research in animal health, food safety and agriculture. As a part of the Total Solution Provider (TSP®) business network to provide customers with a comprehensive range of products, services and solutions, APSN is involved in undertaking  research and development activities in biotechnology  related to animal health, food safety and agriculture.


The APSN corporate culture is people-oriented with a rich emphasis on the development of our employees. Our company is focused on bringing value-added solutions that are creative and practical to all our clients. APSN’s business and management team guides and supports the scientific team in producing new products and solutions in order to meet the needs of the market.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading corporations in the veterinary, food and agriculture sectors and other related R&D application businesses in Malaysia and in the Asia-Pacific region.


Our Mission

We are committed to excellence in all our services and poducts.


Our Quality Policy Statement

We are committed to provide quality services and products through:

  • Good professional practice with the commitment of our management
  • Provision of quality laboratory services to our customers
  • A commitment to comply with ISO 9001, ISO 17025, GMP, and other international and local quality standards to continually improve the effectiveness of our management system
  • Qualified and well-trained personnel dedicated in the fields of research and development


Awards and Recognition

•    The BioNexus Status
APSN was awarded BioNexus status  by Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation (“Biotechcorp”) in 2007. The BioNexus status is a proof of our commitment in advancing the research and development of animal health, food safety, and agriculture using advance technologies.

•  A method for differentiating infected versus vaccinated microbial strains  (DIVA) assay won Gold Award & Woman BioInnovator of the Year,  BioInnovation Awards 2011 organized jointly by Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), Malaysian Association of Research Scientist (MARS), Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation.

•  Certificate of Achievement under SME 100 Fast Moving Companies Award 2013 by Business Media International.



•    Feed additives for livestock industry
–  Products include nutritional supplement, anthelmintic,  mycotoxin binder and premix for health and growth performance.

•    PCR diagnostic test kits to detect poultry diseases, pathogens and harmful agents
–  Validated and registered with Department of Veterinary Services

•    Rholacs™ Probiotics Solution for poultry & swine
–  Dietary supplement to improve flock health


For a list of APSN PCR test kits, please visit our website at www.apsn.com.my or contact us at vfad@rhonema.com











Rhone Ma Dosage Calculator For Smartphone

Not sure how much product is needed to treat the animals in your farm?
Rhone Ma Dosage Calculator is designed for veterinarians (vets) and users of our products to calculate the amount of product required based on quantity and body weight of animal to be treated.
The apps provide a quick and easy way to calculate amount of product needed for drinking water or feed medication.


Rhone Ma Dosage Calculator    Rhone Ma Dosage Calculator    Rhone Ma Dosage Calculator

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Rhone Ma Dosage Calculator Google Play Store             Rhone Ma Dosage Calculator iPhone Apps Store



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